22 Days

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Until Red Sox opening day.


Well look what I found

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I might have to start using this again. You never know.

The King of Pop

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When I first heard the news that Michael Jackson died the other day, my first reaction was slight shock – but I realized that there is no way I could mourn for the person he had become. Regardless if he was guilty or not, he had become a caricature and there is an entire generation out there that only knows of him because of his legal troubles. This was until last night….

The bar was slow as could be last night to start and we found out that VH1 Classic was playing MJ videos non-stop throughout the night. The more people come into the bar, the more we all got into it – including getting a “Hands Across America” like circle around the bar and a few of the girls dancing to “Thriller” in-sync with the video. We continued to watch the videos and sing along well after we closed the bar down and started to clean up. That’s when it hit me….

I was heartbroken. I started to realize that no matter what the man had become – when he was on top of his game (especially when I was growing up) he was UNTOUCHABLE. There was no one like him. His videos and concerts were worldwide events that had to be seen. His dancing, the outfits, and the glove – everything he did was iconic. Thanks to last night I started to remember him like I should have been all along – The one and only, The King of Pop.

Michael. Rest in Peace. You will be missed.

This might be one of the greatest videos ever – And my favorite MJ song.

But none of that is ever gonna mean as much to me again

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Wake up we’re here
It’s so much worse than we feared
There’s nothing left here
The country has disappeared
If the winter trees bleeding, leave red blood
The summer sweet dreaming, april blush.

Hold out your hand,
there’s so much you don’t understand
So stick as close as you can,
all of the best laid plans
You’ve got the white clouds hanging so high above you
You’ve got the helicopters dangling angling to shoot,
the shots to feed the hungry weekend news crew anchorman.

So every evening we can watch from above,
crushed cities like a bug
Fold ourselves into each others guts,
and turn our faces up to the sun.

I won’t take no
I won’t let you go
All by yourself
Oh no you need my help
When the cold night shakes you like a chandelier
The snowflakes break through the atmosphere,
and melt on the blue breath of the auctioneers and disappear.

Every evening we can watch from above,
crushed cities like a bug
Fold ourselves into each others blood,
and turn our faces up to the sun.


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I’ll be back soon enough.

Thank you Curt!

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From: http://bugsandcranks.com/38pitches/

“Turn out the lights, the party’s over”

I used to wait with bated breath for Don Meredith to start singing that on “Monday Night Football.” Normally, it was sweet music if the Steelers were playing.

If I could get him to sing it again, I would. This party has officially ended. After being blessed to experience 23 years of playing professional baseball in front of the world’s best fans in so many different places, it is with zero regrets that I am making my retirement official.

Curt Schilling

Curt Schilling

All my lies are always wishes

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I just pre-ordered the new Wilco DVD. April 15th can’t come soon enough.